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(Please read below if you have any status update requests or order questions.)

During the holiday season we receive a very high volume of orders & status update requests. With the majority of orders we receive being time sensitive, our main goal is to process & ship orders as fast as possible. Here are a few things to note during this time where you can usually find your answer before contacting us.

We ask you to please not email us shortly after the order was placed for tracking. If you want a status update, the next few steps will help you find it more times than not.

- The 1st thing to try is click the link in your "order confirmation email" to see if there is an update or a tracking number for your order.

- If no update or tracking is there, the next step is to view the items that you ordered on our website. Above the add to cart button on each item there is an availability section which states about how long an item takes to ship out (i.e. Usually takes 5-7 business days to ship out). If that time has passed and you did not receive a tracking number, please contact us.

- We ask that if you are still within that timeframe listed on our website for your item, to please wait for a tracking number to get emailed. If that timeframe passes then please contact us. This will help us be faster at processing orders and getting your order shipped.

If you place an order and need to cancel or change the address shortly after, we will try but cannot guarantee to accommodate those requests due to the volume of orders we will be receiving.

When sending us a request, we will answer your question as soon as possible, just please be aware that it will take longer than normal to get back to you due to the high volume of requests we are receiving.

- We will be closed starting Thurs. Dec 24th. & re-opening Mon Dec. 28th. Any emails or requests we receive between those dates will be answered on Monday the 29th once we re-open.

Customer Service Department


-To request a status update, tracking information, return information or if you have any questions regarding your existing order please contact us by email above.

*We return emails very fast usually within the same business day.

Sales/Marketing Department


-To get product information before ordering, bulk pricing/questions, or any other ordering or product questions you may have please contact us at the sales email address above. *We return emails very fast usually within the same business day.

Mailing Address
Carroll's Cove, LLC
911 Mountain Ave
Pen Argyl, PA 18072

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