This page outlines our product availability policy.

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When viewing an item on, you will see the Availability section. While most of the orders placed on our website ship within the time frame stated, this is not a declaration of an item being in stock or a guarantee that the item will ship within this time frame. This time frame gives you the idea of how long an item usually takes to ship out.

Some items we stock, other items we ship factory direct or 3rd party direct. Because of this, we do not guarantee any items as being in stock on our website since we have many places we can ship the item from and inventories are constantly changing.

BACKORDER POLICY: If your item states it is a "BACKORDER" item before you place an order or gets placed on backorder after your placed your order because it just sold out, we will hold your order and ship once the item is available. The date shown is just an ETA. There is always a chance it could come in earlier or get pushed back due to delays out of our control.

PLEASE NOTE: We will automatically ship your backordered item once it comes in, no matter how long it has been on backorder unless we are told to cancel before it ships. If you ask us to cancel a backorder after it ships the order cannot be cancelled.

PRE-ORDER POLICY: If your item states it is a "PRE-ORDER" item, we will hold your order and ship once that item releases. Note: we will not charge your credit card until that item ships "unless" you pay by PayPal. If you pay by PayPal the funds are sent as soon as the order is placed. If you order a pre-order item along with items in stock we will ship the in stock items now and then ship the pre-order item once that is available.

As always if you have any questions at all please email us at

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